Nature of Photography


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classes " A wonderful three days. June's pleasant and professional teaching style made the group feel very comfortable. Each person had personal attention. June explained the technical and artistic aspects of photography very clearly. I understood so much more than by reading books and magazines. Our outdoor photo shoot was great as June made sure we practised what we had learnt. I left with the best photos I have ever taken. " Mary Furness, Vincentia, NSW

3 Day Course for Digital SLR owners

The objective is to get the best image capture that you possibly can. This involves being deliberate about the choices you make before pressing the shutter release. These choices are examined and explained at length in this course.

Day One - Theory

Covers all the aspects of nature photography enabling you to become both confident and competent with your camera. The day will comprise 4 presentations on the following topics:

1. Equipment   2. Light   3. Subject   4. Composition.

Each of these topics will be presented in a clear easy to understand format that will be interactive and enjoyable.

Day Two - Image Capture and Processing

With an early morning start we go on location with our cameras putting into practice the theory learnt from the day before. In the afternoon we head back to the studio to download and process our images.

Day Three - Printing, Mounting and Framing

This hands-on workshop will see you printing out one of your favourite images from the shoot, then learning how to professionally mount and frame your fine art print, ready to take home and hang on the wall.

For attending all 3 days is $550 (including GST). This includes all printing and framing materials used. Class is limited to 6 participants.

Please enquire regarding costs if you would like to attend for 1 or 2 days only

1 Day Introduction to Digital SLR


  • Camera features and modes
  • All about lenses
  • Utilise camera features to improve your images
$90.00 (including GST). Class is limited to 8 participants.

Half day Point-n-Shoot


  • All about your camera
  • Buttons, dials and modes
  • How to improve your images
$60.00 (including GST). Class is limited to 8 participants